Short Myers-Briggs Test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, or MBTI®, is one of the most widely-used personality “tests” in the world. It is based on Carl Jung’s notion of psychological type and was developed by the mother-daughter team of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers.

According to the theory, there are sixteen personality types. These are indicated by a four-letter code (e.g. – ENFP). You can find out your type by using the following chart. For each question, ask yourself which letter best represents you most of the time. Each person is a little bit of both but will usually tend to prefer one side over the other. Another question you can ask yourself is: Which one of these preferences comes more naturally to me and which one did I have to learn over time? Choose the one that comes more naturally. Once you have figured out your four letters, you can read a full description of your personality type here

How do you get your energy?



  • are generally sociable
  • are focused on the outer world
  • get energy by spending time with others
  • talk a lot & start conversations
  • speak first, then think
  • are quick to take action
  • have many friends & many interests


  • are generally quiet
  • are focused on their inner world
  • get energy by spending time alone
  • mostly listen & wait for others to talk first
  • think first, then speak
  • are slow to take action
  • have a few deep friendships & refined interests


How do you see the world & gather information?



  • use their five senses
  • pay attention to the details
  • focus on what is real (in the present)
  • think in concrete terms
  • like practical things
  • like to do (make)
  • are accurate and observant
  • prefer to do things the established way


  • use their “sixth sense”
  • see the “big picture”
  • focus on what is possible (in the future)
  • think in abstract terms
  • like theories
  • like to dream (design)
  • are creative and imaginative
  • prefer to try out new ideas


How do you make your decisions?



  • mostly use their head
  • make decisions based on logic
  • are more interested in things & ideas
  • treat everybody the same
    (emphasizing fairness)
  • are more scientific in describing the world


  • mostly use their heart
  • make decisions based on their values
  • are more interested in people & emotions
  • treat people according to their situation (emphasizing compassion)
  • are more poetic in describing the world


How much do you like to plan ahead?



  • are organized and structured
  • make plans in advance
  • keep to the plan
  • like to be in control of their life
  • want to finalize decisions


  • are casual and relaxed
  • prefer to “go with the flow”
  • are able to change and adapt quickly
  • like to simply let life happen
  • want to find more information



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